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Automated actions

Automated action is a system that automatically performs specified action when the set warning threshold gets hit by users




Indicate the threshold of warnings that triggers the automated action, make sure to not stack warnings, as only one automated action can be executed per time. For instance, if you have set up 2 automated actions with the same set of warnings and same timeout you can expect to see that only one automated action will be executed. You can have multiple automated actions with same set of warnings but always make sure that the timeout is different from each other.

Available actions



Users will be unable to send messages on text channels. Mute the user only if a muted role is selected on the settings, otherwise, no action is taken. Moreover, if the user tries to leave and rejoin he will automatically get the muted role.


Ban the user from the guild

Soft ban

Ban the user from the guild and prune messages old 7 days.

Temp mute

Mute the users for a determinate time

Temp ban

Ban a user for a determinate time


Kick the user from the guild



This indicate the amount of time that warnings should be counted in, for instance a timeout of 1 day will count all the warnings done by the user in one day



Option available only for Temp mute and Temp ban and indicate the duration of the action, for instance a duration of 1 day will mean that the user will be muted/banned for one, afterward he will get unmuted/unbanned