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April Bot is a Discord bot that gives you the tools to grow your server and your community, create personalized content and images with your unique touch. The main purpose of April is to offer easy customization and allow to model each aspect of the bot. April offers a wide range of features such

  • Welcomer: allow to welcome your new users with images or by just sending a message in private chat or in your server channel
  • Leaver: allow to say a last goodbye to users who have left your server with images
  • Reaction role: automatically assign roles by using user reactions to a specific message
  • Autorole: automatically assign specified role/s to new users
  • Selfrole: allow to self-assign role/s to user by using Iam command
  • Custom command: allow to create custom command with personalized response
  • Moderation: get rid of spammers on your guild with simple and intuitive configuration
  • Logs: know everything that happens on your server when you are away
  • Analytics: powerful data that let you know the growth of your server

Getting started

Getting started with April bot is fairly easy as most of the configuration are done by using the dashboard instead of typing commands. you can start by inviting April or by using the dashboard if you have already invited April.

If you are just starting using April you may want to change April prefix as it may conflict with others bot prefix or you should are not comfortable with the default prefix !. If you wish to change April prefix click here, remember that if you just have forget your prefix you can always mention April and it will works just fine.

April modules are split into group to describe their overall purpose and they are: Administration module which contains all commands that are meant to setup the server or for administrative purpose. Fun modules contains all the command that are meant to entertain your community. Games module is a module meant to get real-time information about games for now only 4 games are supported. Protection module is meant to provide useful feature to protect against spammers or others types of malicious activity. Search module is meant to provide useful commands to easily search on the internet without opening up the browser. Finally, the utility module provides commands to get information about your server or other utilities. You can find all the commands here

If you are not sure what April can offer to your server or you just would like to explore them you can easily start by using the following command

@April#4100 help

Help preview

It will help you get started with April and it will shows all commands available to you. In addition there are some utility link that you can use. If you are not sure what a determinate command will do you can simply use the following command @April#4100 help [Command name] that will give you all information necessary to execute the command and a short description of the command. Below an example of the usage

@April#4100 help welcome



The Administration module contains all the commands that are meant to automate your guild and provide useful feature to actively engage your community. All the below modules can be easily configured on the dashboard.
The administration module contains by the following modules:

  • Autorole is a module that automatically assign roles whenever a new user joins the server, you can read more about how to setup the module here
  • Selfrole is a module that let your user self assign role by using the IAm command or removing role with the IAmNot command. You can learn more about selfrole here
  • Clear is a module that help you clear your chat in different ways, more about it here
  • Custom command is a module that allow you to create personalized commands with custom responses. More about custom command here
  • Welcomer and leaver these two modules help you to greet your users or say goodbye with customizable response and custom images. More about welcomer and leaver
  • Reaction role is a module that help you automate role management by automatically assigning roles once a user react to a specified message.


The fun module contains all commands that are meant to entertain you or your community, in addition it increases the engagement of your community.

  • Animals contains all the commands inherent to animals and randomly send one image
  • Color allow you generate colors images
  • Facts allow to get random facts about different topics
  • Gambling allow you to spend or earn virtual credits
  • Image allow you to generate your custom images
  • Jokes allow you to get a random jokes about different topics
  • Meme allow you to get random memes or create one
  • Reactions allow you to send random reactions gif


The protection module contains all commands that are meant to moderate your server in addition it contains filter that can be setup on the dashboard to prevent malicious users.

  • Banword is a module that allow you to delete users word that contains a banword defined by you.
  • Moderation is a module that contains all moderation commands in addition you can setup fields on the dashboard, more about available filters here

The search module contains all search commands that allow to easily search on the internet and easily get information.

  • Anime & Manga contains commands that can be used to search anime & manga
  • IMDb contains a command that can be used to search movies
  • Twitch contains command that can be used to search twitch clips, video or basic information about streamers


The utility modules contains for the majority of info commands that can be used to easily get information about your server, more over there are some utility such as level module.

  • Level module contains commands that help you setup a Leveling system on your guild and easily engage your users.