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April Bot is a Discord bot that gives you the tools to grow your server and your community, create personalized content and images with your unique touch. The main purpose of April is to offer easy customization and allow to model each aspect of the bot. April offers a wide range of features such

  • Welcomer: allow to welcome your new users with images or by just sending a message in private chat or in your server channel
  • Leaver: allow to say a last goodbye to users who have left your server with images
  • Reaction role: automatically assign roles by using user reactions to a specific message
  • Autorole: automatically assign specified role/s to new users
  • Selfrole: allow to self-assign role/s to user by using Iam command
  • Custom command: allow to create custom command with personalized response
  • Moderation: get rid of spammers on your guild with simple and intuitive configuration
  • Logs: know everything that happens on your server when you are away
  • Analytics: powerful data that let you know the growth of your server

Getting started

Getting started with April bot is fairly easy as most of the configuration are done by using commands instead of typing commands. you can start by inviting April or by using the dashboard if you have already invited April

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