Support for banword using commands has been deprecated, please use the dashboard

Tired of people swearing in your server? Or people randomly joining your server and saying bad things? Then here banword service that allow you to set some words that will be banned from the server and if a user try to use any of them then April will instantly delete that message and send a direct message to warn the user.

Let's start by adding a new banword

All you need to do is run !Banword set [Word] where the "[Word]" parameter is any word of your choice. e.g. !Banword set Cat. You cannot add sentences as banword such as !Banword set I love cats so please use multiple banword such as !Banword set love and !Banword set cats.

Banword set

Note that you cannot test by yourself banword service, as April ignore moderation services for all users with Administrator or ManageGuild permission

Get your Banword

Forgot your banword? April is here to tell you what were your banword by using !Banword get and April will list all of them.

Use !Banword get [Banword] where [Banword] is the word you setup, to get more information about a Banword.

Banword get

Enable/disable banword

You can disable or re-enable any banword at any time by using !Banword disable [Banword] and !Banword enable [Banword] where [Banword] is the word you setup.

Banword enable/disable

Change banword action

April allow you to setup an action to take when a user type a banword, currently there are 3 action available and they are:

  • Delete
  • Warn
  • DeleteAndWarn

By default when you add a new banword its action is to just delete the message typed. To change that run !Banword action [Banword] [Action]. e.g. !Banword action Cat DeleteAndWarn

Banword action

Setup allow roles

Banword service allow to setup role that will be immune to April checks for banword and you can setup those roles by using !Banword allowrole [Banword] [Role] Where [Banword] is the word you've setup and [Role] is the role you'd like to be ignored from Banword service. e.g. !Banword allowrole Cat @Love cat.

To remove an allowed role use !Banword removerole [Banword] [Role]. e.g. !Banword removerole Cat @Love cat

Banword allow role

Setup ignored channel

If it allows role then why not? It ignores channels! You can setup channels that will be ignored from April checks for banword and you can setup those channels by using !Banword ignorechannel [Banword] [Channel] Where [Banword] is the word you've setup and [Channel] is the channel you'd like to be ignored from Banword service. e.g. !Banword ignorechannel Cat #general

To remove an ignored channel use !Banword removechannel [Banword] [Channel]. e.g. !Banword removechannel Cat #general

Banword ignore channel

Remove banword

Tired of a banword that is getting always triggered? then you should just remove it from banword by using !Banword remove [Banword] Where [Banword] is the word you've setup. e.g. !Banword remove Cat

April also allow you to remove all your banword by using !Banword removeall

Banword remove

Last updated on 24ยบ giu 2019