Welcomer direct message

Welcome has a variety of service that allow you to best welcome your new user as you want, in this guide we walk through how to setup welcome direct messages and how to disable channel functionality and use only direct messages. To setup channel functionality follow this guide

Below are the steeps to setup welcome direct message using dashboard:
  1. First of all you need to be logged, follow this guide to login on the dashboard, and select your target guild then you should be able to see the sidebar with your server name, on the sidebar click on administration button that should expand below with more options, therefore click on Welcome option and you can now edit your welcome settings!

Dashboard welcome option

  1. Go into welcome service screen in the dashboard, if the service is not enabled then just turn on the switch and make sure a channel is set on Select a channel section. Therefore scroll down till Direct Message Status, finally enable the service by turning on the switch.

Dashboard welcome direct message switch

  1. Optionally Switch on/off embed or image option:

Dashboard welcome direct message embed image

  1. To set a direct message click on Configure button on direct message section and a dialog will pop-up, here enter your text.

Dashboard welcome direct message set message

  1. Optionally disable welcome images in the channel, in case you would like to only send direct messages, you'll have to disable welcome image service by scrolling all way to the top and on Image section turn off the switch and make sure the your Welcome message is empty

Dashboard welcome direct message wi off

  1. Finally, test your welcome direct message by going on Discord chat and type !Welcome test, here the result on direct message that will produce if you followed all the steps.

Dashboard welcome direct message wi off

Last updated on 17ยบ ago 2019