Did you just try setup some of the April services, but you keep getting errors or you don't know how to setup them? Don't worry here April dashboard at your service for an easy setup without typing a command in Discord chat. Below a preview of the dashboard.

Dashboard preview

Currently the dashboard is in early development, so its means that it can easily throw errors and eventually fail.

Below the steeps to successfully login into April dashboard:

  1. Login into Discord account on your browser

Discord Login

  1. Go on April website and click on Login button in the top navigation bar and you'll taken to a screen that'll ask you to Authorize April to know basic information such as username, servers you're in and avatar. Authorizing will allow April to identify you and therefore giving you access to the dashboard.

Login authorize

  1. If all went right, you should be now logged into the dashboard like the example below and ready to use April Dashboard.

Login success

Last updated on 23ยบ giu 2019