Leaver, as the counterpart of welcomer, has a variety of service that allow you to say goodbye to your users, In this guide we walk-through how-to setup the leaver service by using the April dashboard. below an example of how the setting screen looks like.

Dashboard leaver preview

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Get to leaver setup page

First of all you need to be logged, follow this guide to login on the dashboard, and select your target guild then you should be able to see the sidebar with your server name, on the sidebar click on administration button that should expand below with more options, therefore click on Leaver option and you can now edit your leaver settings!

Leaver setup page

Enable or disable leaver service

Enabling leaver service is really easy, first of all get on the leaver setting page as showed previously and simply turn on the switcher. And the leaver service will be operative for your server. You'll to configure in order for the service to work.

Switch service

Enable and configure leaver images

First of all make sure you have set a channel and the image switch is on. You can set a channel by just going on the select a channel section and selecting the wanted channel, also if you haven't choose a channel yet, the section will have red borders. Make sure your image switch is on by going on the image section and turn on the switch. Finally, on the Create/select your leaver image section click on configure and you'll be taken to another page where you can view all your user images.

Leaver image

Let's now start by setting up your leaver image, you should be now on the images selection page where you can view your images, if you are not in that page then simply get on leaver page setting and click on Configure on the Create/select your leaver image section. Finally, you can now create your own leaver image or simply purchase one from the marketplace.

  • To Create a new image click on the CREATE NEW button at the top and you'll be taken to the image editor where you can create your new image. Follow this tutorial to create a brand new image
  • To purchase an image from the marketplace click on MARKETPLACE button at the top and you'll be taken to the marketplace page, here you can choose from a wide range of images, either welcomer or leaver images, after you found your leaver image on the marketplace, click on it and locate the BUY FOR... and buy it. If you don't have enough credit get on the dashboard and locate the credits page and you can find some ways to increase your credits. Remember that you can always edit images that you buy but you won't be able to sell them.

Finally, if you either create a new or purchase a image, get back on your images selection, located in leaver setting and click on Configure button on the Create/select your leaver image, and you should now see the image that you just bought or created. To use it as leaver image just click on the image options and select Set as leaver image

Image selection

Guild images

Guild images is a storage for your server images is useful to take snapshot of images and share them with your server mates, it can also be used for preserving your leaver image without affecting images stored on user assets. The import and export has a cost of 100 credits also importing a guild image will result in a lose of the possibility to sell it on the marketplace. Finally, to save it on guild images simply get on images selection as showed in the section above and click on the image and select the Save on guilds images option and if you are sure confirm the pop-up dialog and click on save changes. Also if you are planning to use a guild image as leaver image make sure to click on the SET AS LEAVER IMAGE button on the guild images.

Dashboard guild images

Configure a leaver message

Would you like to attach a message to the message? then get on the setting page and click on Configure on the Leaver message section and a dialog will pop-up and ask you to enter a text to save. Insert any text you want to be displayed and click on Save Changes.

Set message

Embed and ignore bot

The ignore bot and embed features are enabled by default, but you can disable them by just turning off the switch.

  • Ignore Bot: It will ignore the leaver announcements for bots
  • Embed: The image and leaver message will be encapsulated in a embed.
Embed preview

Embed preview

Ignore bot & embed


April allows you to test your leaver service, you can either preview your image on the dashboard by going on the leaver setting page and click on preview or directly emulate a user join on discord chat by typing !Leaver test

Leaver test

Last updated on 24ยบ giu 2019