Reaction role

Do you want to user to be able to self-assign role? But you don't like Selfrole as they require user to write a command? No problem then, Reaction Role are here to best serve you as they don't require any special command, the only requirement is to react to a message with an emoji.

Below an example on how a message with Reaction Role enabled looks like:

Reaction Role preview

Let's now setup your Reaction Role:
  1. Let's begin with getting the MessageId of a Discord Message follow this external guide provided by Discord Support to get the MessageId. In case you can't enable the developer mode and get a MessageId, April helps you by getting the last message sent Id by running !Reactionrole getlastmessageid and it will return an id similar to 592004826854850571.

Get last message id

  1. We assume that now you have a MessageId, so let's proceed to the next steep that is adding binding reaction to a role, keep in mind that a reaction can have multiple role bind to it. Reaction role has two types and they are: normal and removable, the first one will give the role when a user react, the second one will give the role when a user react and remove that role/s when user remove its reaction. You can follow this guide for both as their requirements and parameter are equals, just the final result changes. So, let's start setting up your Reaction Role, by running !Reactionrole addremovable [MessageId] [Emoji] [Role] command where "[MessageId]" parameter is the MessageId that we got from the first steep, "[Emoji]" parameter is any type of emoji that Discord provide, external emoji such as guild emoji, nitro emoji are allowed but April will not be able to react to the message to those emoji so you'll more likely add the first emoji yourself. Finally, "[Role]" parameter is the role that April will give to user who react with that emoji. e.g. !Reactionrole addremovable 592004826854850571 :cat: @Love cat

Note that the command must be executed in the same channel where the target message has been sent

Reaction role add removable

  1. To remove a Reaction role from a message use !Reactionrole status to get all your Reaction Roles and their ids.

Reaction role status

Now that you've got the id you can use !Reactionrole remove [Id] in this case 103 so I'll use !Reactionrole remove 103.

Reaction role remove

  1. Did you just mess up your Reaction roles and you would like to just reset them? Then !Reactionrole clear is the command for your case, it'll remove all your Reaction role, note that it will not reset dm status and messages.

Reaction role clear

  1. Optionally send direct message on given/removed message. April allow you to send a customized message when a Reaction Role get triggered, if no messages are set a default one will be sent. So let's firstly enable Direct message feature by using !Reactionrole toggledm command, after its execution you'll successfully have enabled direct messages, and a default message will be sent. To customize the message that will be sent when a user react and get a role use !Reactionrole setgivenmessage [Message] where "[Message]" is the message you want to be send. Finally, to customize the message that will be sent when a user remove its reaction use !Reactionrole setremovedmessage [Message] where "[Message]" is the message you want to be send. e.g. !Reactionrole setgivenmessage Hi, you received a role or !Reactionrole setremovedmessage Hi, you removed a role.

To reset messages to default one use !Reactionrole setgivenmessage or !Reactionrole setremovedmessage

Reaction role toggle dm

Currently you cannot use variables in the messages, but this feature will be implemented soon.

Last updated on 22ยบ giu 2019