Ready to enable logs in your server and get powerful data to monitor your users? Logs allow you and users who can access log channel to know what happened while you were absent from Discord. Below an example of logging channel.

Log preview

Enabling logging in your server is really easy as you only have to run a command and all we'll be ready to go. So, the command is !Log enable [Channel optionaly] where Channel parameter can be specified if you want, otherwise April will choose the channel where the command has been execute. Now all you have to do is test it, by triggering an event, such as join a voice channel.

Log enable

Disabling logging channel is also simple as you only need to run !Log disable without supplying any parameter to it and April will stop posting any log.

Log disable

In case you want to check your currently settings run !Log status.

Log status

Last updated on 22ยบ giu 2019