Support for autorole using commands has been deprecated, please refer to the dashboard article for an up

Are you tired of giving the "Member" role to users who has joined your guild? Then here Autorole service that help you automate your guild by automatically assign a role to new users.

Let's start by adding a new autorole

All you need to do is run!Autorole set [Role] where Role is the role to target and that will be added to users who joins your guild. e.g. !Autorole set @Love cat or !Autorole set Love cat in case you cannot mention your role. That's all! your Autorole is ready to go.

Please keep always in mind your Hierarchy, April highest role should be higher in hierarchy than the target role otherwise April will refuse to add the role to the Autoroles

Autorole set

To get all your current autorole use !Autorole get and April will list you all your Autorole. In case you want to get more information about a specific autorole use !Autorole get [Role] e.g. !Autorole get @Love cat

Autorole get

In case you want to temporally disable an Autorole you can use !Autorole disable [Role] and re-enabling it by using !Autorole enable [Role] e.g. !autorole disable @Love cat !autorole enable @Love cat

Autorole enable/disable

To remove an Autorole use !Autorole remove [Role] or if you want to remove and clear all of them use !Autorole removeall e.g. !autorole remove @Love cat

Autorole remove

Last updated on 22ยบ giu 2019